Jesse Proctor

Jesse Proctor is a drummer based in Seattle that has traveled, taught clinics and performed across the United States, Europe, Asia, Africa and Austraila over the past 18 years. With a Bachelor of Arts in Music, he has been a private instructor for the past 10 years, played in many bands and ensembles and performed on numerous published albums.

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The Wild Wild "I Don't Care" Single - September 2014
John Mark McMillan "Borderland" March 2014
Sean Feucht "Messenger" May 2014
Casey Idsinga "Casey Idsinga" 2013
Rebekah Proctor "Sunlit Fields" 2013
Rebekah Proctor "Ticket to the World" 2012
Sean Feucht "Kingdoms" 2012
Kim Hill "Christmas Back to You" 2011
Paulette Wooten "Settle Here" 2011
At the Snow "At the Snow" 2011
David Vallier & Amber Brooks "Sovereign" EagleStar Productions 2011
Lisa Peretti "Lisa Peretti" 2010
Linsey Wallace "One" 2010
Hannah Jeanpierre "Hannah Jeanpierre" 2009
Mizue Fells "Hymns and Classical Music" 2008
Neil Hampton "A Ghost Comes Home" 2008
Crossing "Overflow" Northwest University 2007
Elisha's Request "Glory to Glory" 2005
Elisha's Request "This Day Leads" 2003
Elisha's Request "A Double Portion" 2001
Elisha’s Request “Return to the Passion” 1999 | instagram | twitter | C & C Drums | Dream Cymbals