Jesse Proctor

Jesse Proctor is a drummer based in Seattle that has traveled, taught clinics and performed across the United States, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia over the past 18 years. With a Bachelor of Arts in Music, he has been a private instructor for the past 10 years, played in many bands and ensembles and performed on numerous published albums.

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From the age of three, Jesse displayed a natural attraction to rhythm. As part of a musical family, he began to show signs of ability and received a drum set at age eight. In a little over one year, he joined the band at his local church.

Jesse pursued music further by joining the Olympic College jazz ensemble and studying with Cornish College’s own Mark Ivester. Shortly after he received a Bachelor of Arts in Music at Northwest University, under the instruction of noted Seattle drummer and educator Steve Korn.

Currently, Jesse tours with John Mark McMillan and performs with various artists around the country. He is involved with many projects not only as an instrumentalist but also as an arranger and producer.

“I grew up playing music. It was as simple and natural as any other part of my life. Inevitably, I chose to study music and shape my ability through education. Through the years, experience taught me to value simplicity and use instinct over theory. My love for the craft goes far beyond the drum set or technical skill. I contend for the sound that will move me and holds the potential to move others. With everything I do, be it tracking a part, editing a song, or making conversation, I attempt to discover the inspired element for that moment.” | instagram | twitter | C & C Drums | Dream Cymbals